"Creativity is the process of sensing problems or gaps in information, then identifying the difficulties and seeking solutions through trial and error or through forming hypotheses. ” (Ellis Paul Torrance)

Schools from Harghita county are invited to present their best practices in terms of “creativity development” and child-centred education within the “Everyday Creativity Fair and Conference”  organized on 24 October 2019 in the  Csíki Mozi in Miercurea Ciuc.
Each selected “best practice” will have a table and a noticeboard where teachers can present their ideas, or – alternatively – they can prepare a presentation of 8-10 minutes, presenting activities, methods, tools and technologies they use to facilitate creativity and innovation and to face the newest challenges in education, putting  emphasis on child-centred approaches, where the teacher plays the role of “facilitator” of education rather than “owner of knowledge”.

Applications are expected from primary and lower secondary schools from Harghita county in one or more of these areas:

-        Best initiative to promote active participation and learning by doing.
-        Best example of teachers of different subject cooperating on a common project.
-        Best idea to promote problem-solving oriented learning to develop transferable and applicable skills.
-        Best use of technological tools.
-        Best practice in using interactive methods.
-        Best practice in personalized learning
-        Best practice in learner-teacher cooperation on learning needs and goals, best practice in getting student feedback.

During the Conference and Creativity Fair all participants/ the public can vote for a “best practice” in the above mentioned areas. The Everyday Creativity project partners will also evaluate the best practices presented by the schools and will give prizes for three best practices at the end of the day.

Applications have to be presented online. They can be presented via the online application forms below either
in Hungarian language: https://forms.gle/9xU1QMMLhwJAiDPw6  
or in Romanian language: https://forms.gle/5EvRvN3CtKDVokj18 

Deadline for applications: 4 October 2019

The event will be organised within the Everyday Creativity Erasmus+ project: www.creativeschools.eu
Organisers: Spektrum Educational Center, József Attila Primary School – Miercurea Ciuc
Local partners:The School Inspectorate of Harghita County, Association of the Hungarian Teachers in Romania

The programme of the event is accessible HERE or:

In Hungarian language: https://sec.ro/hu/articles/111/6/iskolai-kreativitas-vasar-es-konferencia  

In Romanian language: https://sec.ro/ro/articles/111/6/iskolai-kreativitas-vasar-es-konferencia 

In English: https://sec.ro/en/articles/111/6/iskolai-kreativitas-vasar-es-konferencia 

For more information please contact the event hosts:
Spektrum Educational Center: sec@sec.ro, tel. 0745 45 45 48
József Attila Primary School – Miercurea Ciuc: igazgatosag@jozsefattilaiskola.ro , tel. 0730584676

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