The short-term impact of our „Everyday Creativity” project upon the teaching practices of a teacher from Dumbrăveni, Romania. His report written in Hungarian language follows the topics of our online teacher training course, implemented within the same project.

„On 29 October 2019 I took part at the EVERYDAY CREATIVITY FAIR AND CONFERENCE , organised in Miercurea Ciuc within the Everyday Creativity project. The invited speaker of the conference was one of the most innovative teachers of Finland: JUKKA SINNEMÄKI, and within the creativity conference and fair the most creative teachers of Harghita county presented their best educational practices.

At this conference the organisers presented a TEACHERS' HANDBOOK entitled  EVERYDAY CREATIVITY. BOOSTING CREATIVE RESOURCES WITH FINNISH MODELS OF EDUCATION, a publication that profoundly influenced  my pedagogical practices.

I also had the chance to take part at another multiplier event of the project organised in Szeged, Hungary, where I presented one of my best practices."

Majzik Tamás, teacher

The report presenting in details the impact of the project on Tamás's practices and principles in written in Hungarian language and can be downloaded from the link under the Related documents section.
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