Four teachers from the Spektrum Educational Centre attended the 27th IATEFL Hungary Annual Conference, The Power of Now – Teaching and Learning in the Present, held in Budapest at the beginning of October 2017. We could choose from a plethora of plenary talks and presentations in panel sessions or workshops; there have been a great number of countries attending the conference, such as Poland, Greece, the UK, the Czech Republic, Moldova, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Macedonia, France, Germany, Spain, Hungary, the USA.

We attended some inspiring plenary talks, such as Hugh Dellar’s talk on a bottom-up approach to grammar and the concept of feed forward, i.e. offering the learners a variety of contexts for using the newly learnt words. We were provided a number of practical ideas for EFL classes, tips for using games and applications, videos and different online platforms in the classroom. We had presentations of ongoing Erasmus+ projects and examples of good practice, e.g. the improvisational skills with Mark Almond on how to transform a boring dialogue into an exciting verbal practice. Many presentations aimed at designing authentic material for language instruction (for instance, using emoticons for creating newspaper headlines) and providing additional resources for EFL teacher, from nursery rhymes, children’s songs and stories to official language exams or English for diplomatic purposes.
It was a very intense experience and we had a great time.
by: Tankó Enikő
Photos: Koscik.photos
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The skills acquired at our courses correspond to the levels of language skills from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.