In the context of transition from institutional to community based foster care, all countries face the challenge of changing the institutional culture, re-training and continuing competence development of careers and foster parents who look after the children facing multiple disadvantages and being highly exposed to the risk of social inclusion. To facilitate the development of transversal (social, creative and recreational) skills of the carers and foster parents the present project proposes the following objectives:

1. Development of professional competence of trainers of carers and foster parents by offering them training curriculum, training materials and best practice models to be used in their daily work.

2. Development of the transversal skills of carers and foster parents by training them in fields such as: handling challenges, working with others, verbal and non-verbal communication, creative thinking, critical thinking, learning to learn, planning own work, problem-solving , etc.

Main activities:
1) needs analysis of the target group resulting in a transnational report on training and continuing development needs of carers and foster parents;
2) developing a website that will host not only project information and downloadable outputs but also a best practice database;
3) elaboration of a Curriculum on Developing transversal skills of carers and foster parents;
4) development of Training materials to support the implementation of the training course based on the curriculum.

Project website:

Financial support: Erasmus+ European Commission
Duration: September 1, 2014 – August 31, 2016
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