A new trainer is born: able to use user-friendly andragogical methodologies as well as be able to mediate “knowledge zapping” and “knowledge surfing” very applied to new jobs, new market needs and new European citizens (with all 8 key skills) and continuous qualification for lifelong learning.

In this sense the Pedagogical Methodologies for Trainers is understood as main tool for preparing teachers and trainers to be aware of the different competencies required to the trainer´s functions and role in VET and at the same time to be conscious of the importance to promote 8 key competences, “green attitudes” and lifelong learning attitudes for all: trainers became knowledge mediators and brokers (instead of knowledge transfers) in information society and green economy as well as promoters of the balance of different individual needs and talents, under an inclusive and empowering context.

According to the European Commission (Supporting the Teaching Professions for Better Learning Outcomes, 20.11.2012), the role of teachers and trainers is crucial in the modernization of VET with special focus on their professional development and status in society. The future dominated by change presents news challenges for both teachers and trainers in VET, involving new pedagogical, curriculum design, quality assurance, management and administrative tasks.

Some important attractive an efficient products and training modules for trainers (training of trainers) were built in the partners countries and they can be adapted and improved in each different European county, based on national needs, strengths and opportunities.

XXI Trainer Project aims are to:

  • Increase at EU level the modernization and quality in VET with special focus on Trainers and VET staff professional development
  • Exchange the good practices developed in Partners Countries related with the Pedagogical Training for Trainers Methodology to VET teachers, trainers, training managers and other individual that want acquire competences as trainers with other partners/EU countries;
  • Establish an operational framework to develop an EQF and ECVET model for Pedagogical Training for Trainers;
  • Test the Innovative Methodologies in partner countries, trough carrying on a pilot training for trainers (a short mediation version, delivered in English)
  • Create a network of high-performing trainers where members share their learnings and experiences and discuss concrete issues related to European Strategy 2020 and VET.

Project facebook page: www.facebook.com/XXITrainer
Financial support: European Commision, Erasmus + programme, Strategic Partnerships
Duration: October 1, 2015 – October 1, 2017

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