Nowadays entrepreneurship is underpinned by competence rather than ideas. Micro or family firms account for a 90% of all new businesses in Europe. Beside the sector-specific competency, there are skills deeply intertwined with starting new enterprises: essential skills for sharpening goals, skills needed to design, develop and refine a new or existing business model that helps the business achieve its growth potential. The skills for understanding the enterprise business model is vital especially for people living in geographically isolated regions and rural areas where the difficulties of creating a viable business are often more complex than for other entrepreneurs. They tend to have greater problems and also face barriers in accessing affordable training to up-skill and tailor-made education.

To address this need the LiveCanvas project supports the realization of the EU priorities by contributing to key entrepreneurial competences development of entrepreneurs, start-ups and unemployed adults from rural, disadvantaged areas, in order to be able to deliver high quality products and services and to create and manage their business in a sustainable manner.


Financial support: European Commission, Erasmus+ Programme
Duration: September 1, 2016 - September 30, 2018
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