The Kre8r project has a number of key objectives but primarily the project is focused on increasing the labour market relevance of VET by providing bespoke pedagogic resources that will improve the attainment levels of high-level basic and transversal competences. The creative industry sector has been singled out for its growth potential as Europe recovers from the depths of the recent economic crisis. Developing bespoke curriculum resources that specifically address potential for graduate entrepreneurs in this important sector and supporting new entrepreneurs represents a significant connection between VET provision and micro-enterprise owners and an increased responsiveness within VET provision to market demands.

The creative industry sector is particularly relevant for today's emerging graduates who have grown up in a digital world with technology embedded in their consciousness. Digital literacy skills among young graduates are at a standard that should help them to engage in media-rich learning content on a variety of technology-based learning environments. The creative sector spans a wide range of business areas from technology-based products and services to fashion design; from music and video production to computer gaming. Providing a bespoke curriculum to support entrepreneurship in this sector makes perfect sense as the cost of establishing a creative sector business can be quite small and the requirement for minimal capital outlay makes it particularly appealing and relevant for today’s young graduates emerging from college.

It is an accepted fact that the quality of teaching is the key deciding factor in the achievement of educational outputs and the Kre8r project recognises the key role to be played by VET professionals and wants to ensure that they can benefit from the provision of essential in-service training.

In this context the objectives of Kre8r are:

  • Creation of a State-of-the art report– a concise report that offers a clear insight into VET provision and the creative industry sector in their country;
  • Development of a creative business curriculum;
  • Production of sample case studies in each partner country;
  • Development of in-service training programme for VET tutors;
  • Piloting the in-service VET training;
  • Holding Multiplier events (Animation workshops and National campaigns) in all partner countries, thus promoting the project outcomes (curriculum, in-service training and E-learning portal);
  • Promoting Policy Learning in each partner country for a minimum number of 10 policy makers.

The Kre8r consortium is led by a French organization and has 6 other partners from Ireland, Malta, Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom and the Czech Republic.

Project website: 

Financial support: European Commission, Erasmus+ Programme
Duration: December 1, 2017 - November 30, 2019
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