In July 2018 the Bolyai Summar Academy - ESL section was organised by the Hungarian Teachers' Association in Romania, in cooperation with the Spektrum Educational Center and the Care2Travel.

Presenters were:
Kevin McQuade Ohio
Esther Robbins Maryland
Lily Stevens Maryland
Lynn Zimmerman North Carolina
Rachel Weber New York
Jason Colina Toronto, Canada
Peter Kedves Care 2 Travel, Csíkszereda

Below you can find and download various handouts and training materials used during the training.

Instruction for the attachement called "Let's draw" (by Esther Robbins):
"Using blank folders, pairs of students face each other. Each student has a folder. One student has the picture and the other student has a blank piece of paper. Before beginning the lesson, I teach shapes, different types of lines, and positions on paper in terms of vocabulary. Then, the students’ job is to replicate the picture —one drawing and the other giving directions and answering questions. It’s an opportunity for expression as well as listening and at the end they have a picture which is often not exactly a duplicate of the original but something close with interesting errors that give the teacher more information about what needs to be clarified for the students."

Materials presented by Lynn Zimmerman - click here!
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