There is a huge need for support for the transition from dependent to independent life, because generally this transition is a process which may take several years. Therefore it is important that the process of leaving care is systematically planned and prepared well before the child leaves the residential care, but also is essential for unaccompanied minor migrants. The present project proposes a complex learning plan. During the project lifetime we will develop an online platform, with 50 educational online games, training material with practical tools addressed to young people and residential youth care workers, which will contain 160-170 pages training material with practical tools. We will organise one transnational joint staff training event with the direct involvement and mobility of 16 youth care workers.

The project’s main aim is to raise awareness and provide practice-oriented improvements for effective ways of assuring a successful transition to independent life for residential care leavers, to help achieve successful integration into society and to promote active participation in social life.

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