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Our teachers
Kémenes Árpád
I have been teaching English at Spektrum Educational Centre since 2009. During the courses I lay special emphasis on the development of speaking skills, as well as on making learners aware of the requirements of different types of writing genres. Besides enriching their vocabulary and broadening their knowledge of grammar, the participants also have the possibility to develop their listening comprehension skills by being regularly exposed to language spoken at natural speed tailored to the abilities of the learners. Last but not least, a variety of linguistic games contribute to making the courses more enjoyable.

Kolozsváry Katalin
My name is Katalin Kolozsváry and I am a teacher of English at the Márton Áron High School. Since 2001, I have been teaching at the Spektrum Educational Centre Foundation as well. In the past ten years I have been preparing students for the FCE and CAE Cambridge examinations. I believe that our results are ensured by motivated students, small groups and dedicated colleagues.

Márdirosz Barnabás
Ever since I heard back in the third grade the Humpty Dumpty song in my English class and I saw the “Der Preis ist Heiss” show on TV I became a dedicated friend of the English and German language.

Since 2005 I teach German language, and since 2014, when I came to the Spectrum Educational Center I have been teaching English too.

I am the father of two beautiful little girls who I spend almost all my free time with, but I try to have a bit on my own in which I can play football with friends, read, listen to music, watch movies.
Mátyás László
My name is Mátyás László-Levente. I graduated at the Faculty of Mathematics from Babeş-Bólyai University in 1996, where I also completed Sociology afterwards.

I used to work in minority and child protection and for more than 15 years I’ve been teaching Mathematics. I’ve finished school teaching 3 years ago. Nowadays I’m pretty much involved in the organization of Maths weekends and camps with my family’s support.

I love Maths, but I do understand those who feel differently related to this science.

I started to teach the final exam preparatory courses for VIII and XII graders at the Spektrum Educational Center in 2015.

Nagy Renáta
I have been among the first teaching staff of the Centre starting from 1999. During the years I had small groups I guided all the way through their language acquisition adventures. I am also a professional translator from and into Italian. My family immigrated to Romania, to Valea Jiului in 1870, I am the 3rd generation of an Italian family. Due to my holidays spent at my grandparents I mostly speak the Veneto dialect of the Italian language. Teaching Italian is the beautiful part of my life which gives me moments that fill me up with energy and makes me realise that I am lucky, because I can do what I like. I am not only passing on the language, but I also try to give an infusion of the Italian culture, traditions, places to visit. The Spektrum Educational Centre supports its staff with professional development trainings which are offered on a regular basis.
Mini guide
The skills acquired at our courses correspond to the levels of language skills from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.