In most professions and many other life situations, the highest possible level of foreign languages is an advantage. Our language courses harmoniously develop reading and listening comprehension, speaking and conversational skills and written communication. We offer language courses, from beginner to advanced levels in effective small groups and individual lessons as well in English, German, Romanian, French, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, and Chinese. In addition to general language teaching, we offer the opportunity to learn business terminology and to acquire international language exam certificates.
For adults and students aged 14 and over we offer courses of 110 lessons, covering the levels specified by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages as follows:

  • A1 (also described: Beginner level, Breakthrough)
  • A2 (also described: Mid-level beginner, Waystage)
  • B1 (also described: Intermediate, Threshold)
  • B2 (also described: Upper Intermediate level, Vantage)
  • C1 (also described: Effective Operational Proficiency, Advanced level)

Before enrolling a course, we assess the candidates’ level of knowledge orally and in writing and free of charge, so that everyone can learn in the corresponding group. For those who want to know their level before the application we have an online placement test available.

For those who want to know more about different exam requirements, or who may have missed the part-competences, vocabulary, grammar and nuanced issues in language learning, we offer special exam preparation courses to facilitate the acquisition of international language certificates.

We also offer 60-lesson communication remedial training courses for those who wish to adapt their previously acquired but already passive or insufficient language skills to the requirements of a given competence level.

For those who are ready to work abroad, we offer a 30-lesson communicational ‘survival kit’.

For elementary school students (under 14 years) we offer playful communication courses tailored to the needs of the age group, in groups divided according to age.

The competences that are to be acquired in our accredited cours, like the ‘The Training of Trainers’ just as the language skills can be used in many fields.

Today, people skills and abilities, entrepreneurship skills, and management skills are considered basic requirements in a growing number of professions. On these topics, we annually organise subsidized trainings based on curricula developed in the framework of international projects. Our current offers can be found in the News section.
Mini guide
The skills acquired at our courses correspond to the levels of language skills from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.