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1. ______ name is John Smith. He is a doctor.
2. Yesterday my sister ______ a T-shirt in the clothes shop.
3. Every day Mary ______ to work by bus.
4. I ______ like ice-cream when I was a child.
5. ’The phone is ringing.’ ’I _____ it.’
6. The cat has _____ legs.
7. My uncle’s daughter is my _____ .
8. The day after Wednesday is _____ .
9. You wash your teeth in the _____ .
10. ’What’s the weather like?’ ’_____ ’
11. Kate’s exam results are ______ than Peter’s.
12. We haven’t met our new colleagues _____ .
13. She _____ at 100 miles per hour when the police stopped her.
14. I _____ such a beautiful film in my life!
15. ’Why is your face so red?’ ’_____ .’
16. How can I apply _____ this job?
17. Could you _____ me a favour?
18. Our plane takes _____ at 5:00 p.m.
19. I’m fat. I must lose _____ .
20. I’D like to buy this pullover. Can I pay ____ cash?
21. If I _____ your boss, I’d tell him.
22. She told me she _____ late for meeting today.
23. I wonder _____ .
24. We _____ here since the beginning of the month.
25. A lot of houses _____ here recently.
26. He is a very _____ writer: he is always writing about journeys to the moon and such things.
27. I _____ to spend my holidays at the seaside.
28. The moon is not a planet _____ the planets in many respects.
29. Did you listen to the weather _____ this morning?
30. I wanted to _____ for being late.
31. I wish I _____ what to do.
32. You _____ your gloves on the bus.
33. Pass me the sugar, ______ ?
34. This house _____ until next month.
35. He hasn’t married her, has he?
36. Be careful not to _____ your finger with that needle.
37. She spends a great _____ of her time in London.
38. Workers are paid money for their _____ .
39. I didn’t have time to read the newspaper but I had a quick _____ at the headlines.
40. John can still recite poems he learnt off by _____ at school.
41. Not only _____ but he was arrested, as well.
42. I’ll telephone you immediately if we _____ a cancellation of a seat.
43. He was told his proposal _____ due attention.
44. I’d rather you _____ .
45. He knew _____ well what he was doing when he went there.
46. I don’t think anything would _____ me to leave this house.
47. The idea that she might win a medal is _____ fantasy.
48. Changing the departure time would have _____ getting up two hours earlier.
49. It’s _____ that he forgot three consecutive appointments.
50. He was prepared to announce the news to all and _____ .
51. Your work falls well _____ the required standard.
52. Have you ever really _____ up to your parents?
53. I personally don’t believe you can _____ of his support.
54. Delinquency often results _____ something that happened in the youth’s childhood.
55. _____ regards the future, I think we’ll just have to wait and see.
56. The company’s _____ has exceeded £1,000,000 for the first time.
57. These people are in _____ need of help, I can tell you.
58. Everyone is entitled to a ticket, _____ of where they come from.
59. There’s a _____ of stars below the Pole Star that has always fascinated me.
60. Rows and silences are _____ and parcel of any marriage.
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